Get access to Verified Designers

Get designers from the field of UI/UX/Product/Research for your projects.

This pilot program is now closed. We're now teaching people how to build such businesses without code.

Why choose us?

Three Very clear reasons ๐Ÿ‘‡

Verified Freelancers

We have faced these issues of hiring the right freelancer. Here we provide a clear dashboard of the freelancer who has applied to your project, so you can choose quickly.

Focused on Design Only

We've spent years running a business now, we want to enable other clients to get the right designers.

No Additional Fees

We only take a fee for accessing the freelancers but we do not take any cut from your project.

How it works


Discussing Requirements

Schedule a call to collect requirements in a structured format.


Project Shared with Designers

We'll post your project with the gathered requirements to a verified list of designers.


Connect with designers

Designers who express interest in your project, will be connected with you and their profile will shared too.


Who are the freelancers?

These are freelancers who have been verified and added to our database over a period of time.

What does verification mean?

Verification means we check their work for a bar of quality of design and then onboard them. This means designers who have experience and understand the nuance in dealing with freelance projects will be a part of it.

Why don't I post on other similar platforms?

You can, but you would spend time verifying the freelancer and sharing cost with the platform. Here we do not take any cut or % from your project.

What kind of projects can I submit?

You can submit any project related to Design (Ui/UX, Product Design, Graphic Design, branding, etc).

Can I post a job request?

Yes, but it would first go through us and then shared with the list of freelancers who are willing to take it up.

How many freelancers will I get access to?

Based on the detail you provide of your project, the freelancers will express interest and we'll connect you with them.

What kind of freelancers are part of your database?

From UI, UX to graphic design, we have a list of verified designers. If you need something specific, contact us.


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